How To Slay That Laundry Monster

Dog in messy room, sitting on sofa, close-up

Do you do loads of laundry, wash and dry it only to leave it on the couch and not put it away for several days? All those clean clothes sure do make a comfy spot for the dog to sleep on, but do nothing to help your household stay organized.

Laundry can be the Achilles heal of an organized, clean home. It is a constant battle for many! So, we thought up a few tips to help you slay your laundry monster.

Tip #1 Have a System

Set up a laundry system. Some prefer a load a day, while others prefer a laundry day to do it all.  Then some do all the family’s laundry together, while others do each child’s separately. Whichever way you prefer, find a system that works for you and stick with it. By definition, “a habit” is something that is done on a regular basis. You need  to make laundry a habit. The bad news? Laundry is not just going to go away. I know it’s hard to hear. The good news?  With a good system in place, your laundry monster will be easy to tackle.

Tip # 2 Organize it

Laundry rooms can be a catch-all for unwanted clutter. First… clean, declutter and organize your laundry room.

However you use your laundry room (as a mudroom, storage area, cleaning supply staging area, ironing room, wrapping room) make a space for everything. Pick up some baskets, shelves, containers, carts etc and assign each item a home.

Tip # 3 Make it Pretty

Make your laundry room a space you don’t mind spending time in. Put up some pictures, curtains or add some flowers to the space. Try using scented candles or perhaps a diffuser. Music makes a nice touch, too. Paint it if it makes you happy… do whatever you need to do to make a nice space that doesn’t make you want to walk out as soon as you walk in.

Tip # 4 Review the Basics

A task is always more enjoyable if it is done well. Plus, you’ll be pleased with the results. Take the time to review the laundry basics from stain removal to process. Check out this link to Mama’s Laundry Talk. This a wonderful blog about LAUNDRY and shares some basic tips with her readers. Definitely a great resource for those wanting to be more organized. Laundry Symbols Poster

Tip # 5 Take it Easy

You have your whole life to perfect your laundry system… don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do everything at once. Maybe implement 1 or 2 changes a week and commit to keeping them until you look around and notice you have an organized laundry life!


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